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Онион гидра ссылка hydra6rudf3j4hww com
Kilroy Joins the Army – Part XX – BCT 2August 16, 2015notop,not,operator,notoperator,not operator,kilroy,army,military,us,us army,usa,joins,journal,lift in the army,basic,basic training,reception,army reception,bct,dfac,meps,ftc,fitness training companyMilitary,Kilroy Joins the ArmyMy friend and fellow Not Operator author, Kilroy, said he was joining the US Army last year. We realized that his experiences would make for an interesting read, especially when there are so few online writings about what it is like, emotionally and physically, to experience modern basic training and beyond. He agreed to keep a journal of his time, and that we would publish it to Not Operator.Finally, we’ve reached the end of the series, as Kilroy completes his journal through Army Basic Training. He has since moved on, but due to both OPSEC [Operational Security], as well as the fact that it would be colossally boring, we will not be publishing his journal beyond BCT.All entries in the Kilroy Joins the Army Series can be found here.Without further ado, welcome to the final entry of Kilroy Joins the Army – Part XX – BCT 2. Day 271A day without much impact. With the other half of the company set to go to Omaha, those of us who remain behind are left to clean the weapons used for the machine gun shoot, as well as the standard order to clean our own M16s.I spent the day drifting between tasks, coughing the whole time from something I picked up that was aggravated by inhaling dust and sand from the previous day.My night is abbreviated yet again with a shift of CQ; the cough still present and combined now with a sore throat. The only thing I can do for now is just wait it out. There are only a small handful of things left to do here before we can call ourselves done with this сайт experience – for good this time.Come what may, all I can continue doing here is keep my nose to the grindstone and be grateful that what has happened has worked out so well in my favor. I’ve definitely seen all of this go much, much worse for people, and though what was supposed to be a 10 week challenge turned into some kind of multi-month struggle that I need to complete, at least I’m near the end.On that note, an amusing story from yesterday comes to mind. As I was lying in the dirt, pretending to pull security with my designated battle buddy, we discussed the fact that so much of this experience is rooted in pretending and acting out a role designed to emulate the real thing, that the Army motto of “This we’ll defend” should be changed to “Let’s play pretend”. At the very least, I know there will be many of us out in the woods yelling “BANG!” at things in an upcoming exercise.Our CQ tonight is being сайт manned by an extra two people, this time dressed in full gear as a punishment for something that happened to them.An unrelated point of interest: there are two prior service Navy sergeants running around completing Basic again for the second time in their lives.Day 272Today was another empty day meant for our recuperation.We prepped our ruck sacks and began to stage them in preparation for Victory Forge. My sickness seems to be getting worse, bearing resemblance to what might be pneumonia.Day 273Today was the only day of our end-of-cycle PT test and I managed to pass this one with above AIT-standard scores despite my illness.My voice is now gone, like it was in my previous time through Basic Training. I was worried about it enough that I asked to go in for some cold medicine in order to alleviate some of the symptoms before the upcoming march.That appeared to have been a mistake; one of the staff there freaked out over my blood pressure, and they didn’t seem to care that I have a hypertension waiver.I’ve been put into a non-training status and told I won’t be able to continue doing anything until they clear me to do so, meaning I’ll be restarted again because of the timing.I can’t seem to get away from this. It feels a little bit like a curse that lingers in wait to ruin everything I try and do. I’m so close to the end now that I have no other description for this other than absolute despair.Night falls with news given to us about force protection contingencies changing to Bravo levels, and our fire guard being amplified to include roving watch, door guards, and stationing even more people in the lobby.I will graduate. I will continue on. I will not let this trifle stop me. This time will be the last time that I will need to do this. These are words that I simply cannot let be empty. My singular desire from this point stands to be that I wish to complete my training and graduate with this group. It will be done. It only seems to be so daunting because I exist in a time and place that lacks the patterns I’ve so keenly watched for so long.Day 274Morning comes disconnected and disjointed. Today is a sort of reckoning; I’ll be going to make my case in front of a second opinion in order to try and complete my training.It’s a familiar melancholy, being back in a status where I’m not allowed to do anything. There’s literally a single training event left and I’m cutting it close to the wire. Those familiar with my situation say that my waiver should be enough.My own body has rebelled against me here and I seem to be able to do nothing to stop it.[Later in the day, Kilroy continues below].My hopes for a swift correction at the urgent care clinic were dashed, with the given explanation being that they could not override the profile I was previously given. They made a recommendation to return to the TMC and try my luck there.Returning to the TMC, [Troop Medical Clinic] I found it mostly empty, like an empty stage after a show. There, I ran into someone I’ve met once before, a PA [Physican’s Assistant] from the Victory Aid station that had treated me before.Here she promised me a new solution, something that would help me while I’m arranged to hopefully return to training.A few hours and some medication later, I’d been given a new lease on life. It was like awakening from a bad dream. I was given an RTD [Return to Duty] and told to go on my merry way.As for lingering problems, I still have an issue with the cold I came in for in the first place. The cold symptoms I can deal with in the meanwhile, however.Oddly, the congestion I was experiencing has mutated into a feeling in my left lung that seems to resemble the pain of the organ itself swelling up. Externally I see nothing, but internally the stabbing pain I’m experiencing is new to me. [Kilroy turned out to have pleuritis, which is typically caused by a lung infection. It ended up requiring a ten days of Levofloxacin].Hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow marks the final required training event, and even with my current ailments, I feel confident in completing it. I can only continue to feel gratitude and move forward as I was prompted to.Day 275We were up early in the dark. My sickness was still bothering me as we settled in for the last and longest march of the cycle. The rhythm of the march was one hour of marching followed by 15 minutes of rest.Eventually we passed into unfamiliar territory, past the cantonment of Dixie Road and the garrisons and out to the long, protracted training areas. Somehow the route manages to find every uphill path possible, ankle deep sand the whole way.Day 276This is the second day of Victory Forge. We were awoken at field hours for the day’s activities, beginning with more field PT in a fine layer of yet more sand.After settling into the hasty fighting positions we were told to dig, we proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day. The weather began to work against us, rising to ‘condition black’ (Heat Category V) [Temperature of > 90°F] for the afternoon, before it mercifully brought a thunderstorm overhead that halted all training for the rest of the day.The actual area the activities were conducted in were different from Alpha’s and worse off for it. We had a single long march from a battalion FOB [Forward Operating Base] area rather than a series of short marches between different lane locations.The day ended with us back in our tents, the looming threat of thunder and rain hovering above.Day 277We were up at 4:00 AM again, but no field PT this morning.The day was spent running a long ‘react to contact’ drill, as well as a medical lane drill.We ended the day with preparation for an early exit strategy to help get us ready for leaving tomorrow. They’ve promised us a repeat march back to the FOB zone.I’m exhausted and my cough is worse. The weather heating up even further doesn’t help the situation.Day 278I was up earlier than normal to pack everything. We walked back to the FOB area again.I should have been done with this by now. I continue to cough and feel sick, but my work – the real hard work for BCT, is done.After returning to the company, we were given time to shower. However, that time was cut short by an order for us to come down and turn in our items not required for the upcoming inspection.The night ended late, after a rite of passage ceremony to welcome us into the brotherhood of soldiers. Even this was different from how it was in Alpha.Day 279Today we were woken up extremely early to go do a ‘battalion fun run’. The rest of the day was spent cleaning our equipment and the company area in preparation for the end of BCT.Day 280I’m exhausted today after fireguard last night.The low impact day was broken up with dealing with out-processing paperwork in the battalion classroom. I’ve never been happier than I was seeing the orders promising me delivery to Monterey.I just have to hang in there until the fated day comes.Day 281We had a concert night tonight for Victory Week. Most people were talking about the pizza and other foods we’d be allowed to have.Personally, I don’t really care for the idea and I’d rather be left alone in my own peace and quiet.My singular daydream right now is about being in the airport waiting to fly out of here.Getting us to the concert was disorganized and aggravating affair, as they filed us out in the heat, making whole battalions and brigades stand at the wayside of a road.As we waited, I heard the cadre arguing about the pizza most people bought into. There was some disagreement about who was even supposed to have the right to order some.I’m glad I opted not to join in and deal with that mess.After a short parade, we were all moved down to the main area of the field and sat down in the grass to sit through a memorial service.Once that was complete, people were allowed to get their pizza, which was a massively disorganized affair. It basically consisted of people rushing and swarming around the area where the pizza was.Sitting back down on the grass, the concert went on in my periphery while I spoke with a friend.Day 282Waking up was difficult ramp today. The late return from the previous day’s activities cost us sleep.This is the final Sunday of the cycle. The day consists of what the previous have: weapons cleaning down to the smallest details.Day 283Today we were awoken an hour earlier than the time we’d been briefed on, and were told to turn in all of the gear we were issued previously. It turned out to be an all-day activity.The weather continued to warm up, becoming unbearable by the afternoon.Our evening meal was the Victory Dinner – an ostentatious display of congratulatory foodstuffs that had everyone else reveling in the experience. For myself, I only go for the sustenance. I’ve really just stopped feeling any great passion here in the experience. The moment of congratulatory revelry seems artificial.After dinner, we continue to clean things, the end of the road clearly in sight now.Day 284We were up at 2:30 AM, early even for our standards.Our first task of the day was cleaning weapons. This was followed up with an inspection while we were wearing the class B dress uniforms we’re set to graduate in.My normal approach puts me ahead of the game in presentability before being dismissed.The bulk of our day was spent in the sun, practicing the drill and ceremony of our graduation rehearsal – the weather made me wish I’d graduated back during the colder months.I saw familiar faces from FTC in the crowd, our mutual recognition showing that small piece of joy where we had all overcome the odds to succeed together. Here we stood, finally, almost done.After the outdoor rehearsal, we were shuttled to practice the indoor version in case of bad weather, but I was pulled aside to go to a briefing concerning my travel arrangements to AIT.Once our exit packet preparation was complete, the company went on to yet another concert for Victory week.This concert was headlined by someone from MWR [Morale Welfare and Recreation].Day 285Today was Family Day. Our theatrics and presentation were put to good use for the ceremony to hand us over to our families.I spent the day revisiting the 120th to thank the cadre for the immense help they’ve given me and to touch base with old friends and familiar faces.It was a joy to be welcomed back with open arms and to talk about how things are going in the clinic.Following that, I went to the Victory aid station to thank the PA responsible for allowing me to continue to train.We had meals at the Officer’s Club for lunch and dinner, giving the end of the day a feeling of contentment but not exuberant joy.Day 286It’s Graduation Day. We spent our time sweating in the sun and marching in uncomfortable plastic dress shoes that have shrunk since I wore them last.The ceremony proceeded as planned, and I made use of the time afterwards to get an off post pass to go out and enjoy a late lunch/early dinner.After returning to the company, we were kept up late into the night to clean and pack our bags.Day 287The day comes as an extension of the last. We changed our uniforms, took our bags, and turned in all the linen. The show is over and the theatre itself shut down.I was taken by bus to the same airport I’ve flown from before. The entire feeling of going full circle brought a surreal air to our time spent waiting. This was simply meant to be a short, temporary, challenge that instead became something that ate almost an entire year of my life.Finally, I’m proceeding down the path. Life goes on, and I know that whatever challenges I face beyond this point will be dealt with.I touched down in Monterey in a haze. The in-processing at the DLI came at the expense of yet more sleep.I’m awake into the next midnight trying to make a bed and arrange my room to the arbitrary specifications of the minutiae that the new SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] calls for.Outside, the weather is a pleasant chill. I’m finally in Monterey, CA. This ends Kilroy Joins the Army – Part XX – BCT 2 and completes the Kilroy Joins the Army series. Be sure to check out the rest of the site, and come back in the future for more military-related articles. That is, unless your thing is firearms, tech, or gaming, in which case we’ve already got you covered.by Kilroy Higgins


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У меня тоже не 1 и не 2, и даже не 3 аккаунта на гидре, есть аккаунты и для покупок разные- для розницы или опта, и от всх аккаунтов я помню данные, тем более если у тебя как ты говоришь "15 аккаунтов", ты же как то должен ими пользоваться, верно? Значит где то отдельно наоборот записываешь. Говоришь что выдавать ложную инфу ты не хотел, но как я написал, ты делаешь заведомо ошибку в написании ника в сообщении мне Скрин https://fv2-3.failiem.lv/thumb_show.php?i=frqk9ajmh&viewа потом же ее исправляешь. Как так? Опять ничего не сходится. Снова ЛОЖЬ от tro1ebusТы владел акаунтом почти 3 года! КАКИЕ 2 МЕСЯЦА?!Номер шопа 5505Пишешь что "НЕ ПЫТЫЛСЯ ЕГО ВЫУЧИТЬ" и тут же пишешь совсем левую лажу "ЗА ЭТИ 2 МЕСЯЦА МНОГОЕ ПРОИЗОШЛО"что?? Так ты не пытался его выучить или (ты его знал) но за эти 2 месяца многое произошло?Снова ложьНики курьеров и не нужно учить. При работе с ними ты все равно их запоминаешь, тем более за 2 года 10 курьеров, и ни один ник ты не мог вспомнить?
Не назвал ты ни один ник - именно потому не хотел помгать, потому что ты сам уже прошел эту проверку у администрации гидры и мне называть не хотел, и мог догадываться что ни один ник я вспомнить не смогу и обращусь к тебе, а что ты ответишь? Конечно что ты не помнишь ни одного!Но ники курьеров он помнит и далеко не 1, ведь он владел магазином 2 года!
Снова ложь.То что я был в бане я тебе написал сразу как увидел это 19 августа Скрин https://fv2-1.failiem.lv/thumb_show.php?i=aewf4np2q&view
Значит тогда ты уже был в процессе восстановления магазина и тебе удалось доказать, что магазин у тебя увели в день твоей продажи, а значит 11 мая. По заходу на сайт, смене пароля, установлению пгп легко понять, что произошли изменения, т.е - восстановить аккаунт обратно тебе, когда магазин никак не функционирует, хотя раньше работал а тут перестал- тебе не составит никакого труда.Если бы ты не трогал мой магаз, он бы до сих пор был у меня, меня бы никто не банил и этого всего бы не случилось. Да. Магаз я действительно проебал, но именнно потому что у него был бывший владелец - крыса.Откуда ты знаешь что там адреса были залиты на витрину? Я же тебе не писал об этом! Потому что ты и есть тот, кто их туда заливал!Да, тикета у меня с модератором действительно не осталось по восстановлению доступа, начиная с 19 августа когда я тебе писал о помощи, и мне там очень долго отвечали о чем я тебе пишу в лс Скрин https://fv2-2.failiem.lv/thumb_show.php?i=p7c6sdmf4&view
и я оттуда вышел сразу же как увидел что магазин снова рабоатет! Потому что понял что мне его больше никогда не восстановить! сразу же обратился к whitedante и создал новый тикет на гидре, только для того, чтобы тебя проучить и удалить магазин насовсем и он мне сказал как сделать грамотнее чтоб наказать кидалу, т.е тебя.Ты просто хитро решил воспользоваться тем, что магазин больше не работает, хозяин 2 мес не выходит на связь, почему бы не попоытаться скрысить, да? Но только хитрый - не значит умный и уж тем более дальновидный. Ты хитрый, НО глупый! Не просчитал того, что хозяину может быть пока что просто не до тебя и магазина и он очень занят делами. И уж тем более если у тебя получиться его опять украсть себе, то он позволит тебе мирно дальше продавать? Продавец ты недоделанный. Я бы начал освещать эту тему везде(и гидре и легале) только ради того, чтоб магазин больше не работал и на проблему обратили внимание.Я уже всем обратное доказал и все пруфы предоставил того, кто ты, а точнее "что" ты и продолжу это делать снова и снова и на любой вопрос отвечу, мне не нужно ничего выдумывать, в отличие от тебя.Если бы аккаунт на котором магазин мне был не нужен - то я бы его тут не покупал в мае у тебя, верно?Если бы я хотел продать аккаунт (хотя зачем мне его продавать, если я его только недавно купил?) - то я бы это сделал именно там где и купил, то есть тут на Руторе, и совершил бы сделку через Гаранта и попытался бы максимально обезопасить себя при продаже, как делают тут все продавцы магазинов, верно?Включил ты магазин именно накануне этого арбитража, еще не узнав что тебя ждет тут! Еще и название успел сменить на свое. Магазин назывался Black aTorent. Верно?В общем очередная ложь и попытка ввести в заблуждение то что я якобы кому то продал магазин и потерял его. Хотя даже если поверить в эту бредовую историю, то тогда вопрос: Для чего мне обвинять именно тебя, бывшего владельца? Если бы я его так тупо проебал, то наверное я бы тогда понял что я сам виноват в этом, зачем мне открывать эту тему? Очередная ложь с твоей стороны!Да, у меня бы не получилось вернуть доступ перед поддержкой, это так, потому что не смог бы назвать ни один ник курьера, Но вопрос: почему я вообще потерял прежде этот доступ? Я же ничего не нарушал и магазин стоял без оплаты и не работал.Заблокировали меня именно потому, что тебе удалось доказать, что магазин у тебя увели в день твоей продажи.
По заходу на сайт, смене пароля, установлению пгп легко понять, что произошли изменения, т.е - восстановить аккаунт обратно тебе, когда магазин никак не функционирует, хотя раньше работал а тут перестал- тебе не составит никакого труда и ответить модератору на все проверочные вопросы.Ты разоблачен полностью, крысеныш...
Сообщение обновлено: 26 Авг 2021Ты идиот?
а) какой штраф, если магазин стоял без работы? б) да бан как мы видим был навсегда с при помощи твоих крысиных лапок!Если ты думаешь, что после всего этого разбора потом в РЛ тебя будет ждать что-то хорошее, то подумай еще.Вернешь долг ты возможно и не мне, но ты его вернешь через время в намного большем размере может быть совсем другим способом, за такое намеренное скотство, когда уже об этом даже забудешь, да будет так.
Сообщение обновлено: 26 Авг 2021Прочитай и изучи все для начала пожалуйста, а потом пиши свое мнение. Как я мог его попытаться продать и лохануться? Если я его покупал тут за 400к. То и продать наверное я его решу тут через гаранта под защитой, так? Как можно продать магазин еще по другому, при личной встрече соседу?Как я пишу выше - Я его вообще не собирался продавать, а хотел начать работать с магазином ближе к зиме, когда разгребу все свои дела в другом месте и магазин просто был не проплачен пару месяцев и только.


Managing and Monitoring Landscapes Protecting and improving land health requires comprehensive landscape management strategies. Land managers have embraced a landscape-scale philosophy and have developed new methods to inform decision making such as satellite imagery to assess current conditions and detect changes, and predictive models to forecast change. The Landscape Toolbox is a coordinated system of tools and methods for implementing land health monitoring and integrating monitoring data into management decision-making.The goal of the Landscape Toolbox is to provide the tools, resources, and training to land health monitoring methods and technologies for answering land management questions at different scales.Nelson Stauffer Uncategorized 0The core methods described in the Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems are intended for multiple use. Each method collects data that can be used to calculate multiple indicators and those indicators have broad applicability. Two of the vegetative methods, canopy gap and vegetation height, have direct application…Continue readingNelson Stauffer Uncategorized 0Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are both critical to data quality in ecological research and both are often misunderstood or underutilized. QA is a set of proactive processes and procedures which prevent errors from entering a data set, e.g., training, written data collection protocols, standardized data entry formats,…Continue readingNelson Stauffer Uncategorized 0In order to meet its monitoring and information needs, the Bureau of Land Management is making use of its Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring strategy (AIM). While taking advantage of the tools and approaches available on the Landscape Toolbox, there are additional implementation requirements concerning the particulars of sample design, data…Continue readingNelson Stauffer Methods Guide, Monitoring Manual, Training 0We’ve added two new videos demonstrating and explaining the Core Methods of Plant species inventory and Vegetation height to our collection. These are two methods that previously didn’t have reference videos, although the rules and procedures for both can be found in volume I of the Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland,…Continue readingSarah McCord Methods Guide, Monitoring Manual, Training 0Question: Are succulents counted as a woody species when measuring vegetation heights? Answer: Yes. Succulent plant species are considered to be woody in contrast to herbaceous because their function is more similar to woody vegetation than herbaceous vegetation in many applications of these data. From a wildlife viewpoint: Some succulents are…Continue readingNelson Stauffer Blog, News, Presentations 0The 68th annual Society for Range Management meeting held in the first week of February 2015 in Sacramento, California was a success for the Bureau of Land Management’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) strategy. Staff from the BLM’s National Operations Center and the USDA-ARS Jornada hosted a day-long symposium to…Continue readingJason Karl Blog, Sample Design sample design, sampling 0What is an Inference Space? Inference space can be defined in many ways, but can be generally described as the limits to how broadly a particular results applies (Lorenzen and Anderson 1993, Wills et al. in prep.). Inference space is analogous to the sampling universe or the population. All these…Continue readingNelson Stauffer Blog, Monitoring Tools & Databases, News 0A new version of the Database for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment has just been released! This latest iteration—as always—aims to improve stability and reliability for field data collection on a tablet and data report generation in the office. For more information about DIMA and how it fits into project designs,…Continue readingJason Karl Blog, News 0In compiling information for the redesign of the Landscape Toolbox website and the second edition of the Monitoring Manual, I kept referring back to a small set of seminal references. These are my “Go-To” books and papers for designing and implementing assessment, inventory, and monitoring programs and for measuring vegetation…Continue readingJason Karl Blog, News 0We’re excited to show off the new redesign of the Landscape Toolbox. We’re in the middle of not only refreshing the website, but also completely overhauling the content and how it’s organized in the Toolbox. This version of the Toolbox is draft at this point and is evolving rapidly. Take…Continue reading


ОМГ прямая ссылкаEzapafyРубель деревянный брусок с ручкой и поперечными желобками для прокатывания (глажения) белья. Пунш напиток, приготовлявшийся из рома или виноградной водки, разведенных горячей водой и приправленных сахаром. Вица, вичка хворостинка, прут, хлыст. Персона особа, лицо; изображение особы. Стропотный строптивый.…
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